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jims german auto mini cooperThe European BMW company owns the MINI brand and as much as it is a popular car, its style and performance are unlike any other. MINI owners in Corona, CA bring their vehicles to Jim’s German Auto due to its totally comprehensive approach. Our attention to detail cannot be surpassed by any other local MINI shop in the area. We provide step-by-step details, videos, and pictures during the service & repair process. This transparency is why our customers trust and love us to care for their MINI.

MINI Repair Corona CA

We at Jim’s German Auto in Corona, CA, use the latest diagnostic technologies to make sure your MINI gets the service it requires and deserves. We have so many different preventive services and we use genuine OEM parts, filters, and oil designed just for your MINI. We can provide services for your AC including repair, diagnostics, and recharging if needed. Our mechanics perform all different types of fluid flushes for your coolant, brakes, power steering, differentials, and even transmissions. We also provide brake services that include an inspection/replacement of your brake pads, sensors, rotors, calipers, and hard or soft lines.

Sometimes your MINI will require an ignition system overhaul. We will replace or repair those spark plugs, coil packs from the direct ignition, the rotor, wires, and distributor cap. We do the transmission service too which includes having the fluid and filters changed out, the seal, and the sleeve repairs. Now, for your manual transmission, we also do clutch replacements if they are needed.

We know in Corona, CA, it is important to keep your MINI cool, so Jim’s German Auto does complete repairs on the cooling system, too. We will check and repair radiators, tanks, pumps, thermostats, hoses, sensors, seals, heater cores, and much more. Our expert mechanics are exceptionally skilled at MINI subframe reinforcements & overhauls. They also understand all too well the diagnostics or repairs of fuel systems. We can also repair and overhaul power steering systems like the lines, pumps, reservoirs, and racks. We will service and repair the drive belts as well, which include the belts, pulleys & tensioners.

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Whatever you do, do not take a chance on the MINI Cooper’s suspension system. We can service the front or rear like the ball joint replacements, strut, shocks, bushings and spring work and so much more.

Don’t trust your MINI to just any mechanic. Bring it to us, Jim’s German Auto, the professionals!

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