Land Rover Repair

land rover coronaThe stand-out in the crowd, Land Rover is a decades-old tradition and it has its loyal fans. They all know these vehicles are fun to drive, especially off-road. Fortunately for you, Jim’s German Auto in Corona, CA, knows exactly how to handle its service and repairs. Bring your beloved Land Rover to our professional team. Our techs will walk you through the process step-by-step including videos and pictures. 

Land Rover Service Corona CA

At Jim’s German Auto in Corona, CA, we have the latest technology and tools to deliver a diagnosis, to prevent wasting time and money. Our technicians are experienced & know what to look out for and what to fix when your Land Rover has an issue. We are sure you know, that having a qualified mechanic for your Land Rover is a must! This is great because who the heck wants to take their vehicle only to the dealership for repairs & service. You have options!

Land Rover Maintenance Corona CA

When you purchase a Land Rover, you made quite the investment. It has a legendary reputation that makes you expect engineering like no other. Unfortunately, even with the best engineering, your Land Rover can break down if not maintained properly. We all know of Land Rovers that have lasted well over 200,000 miles. Rest assure those vehicles were maintained at the proper times based on recommendations from the manufacturer.

Our experts at Jim’s German Auto will recommend your maintenance schedule so your Land Rover runs smoothly, longer. The manufacturer has recommended services like fluid checks and those filter changes. Also a thorough inspection around the 15k and 30k mile marks. We all know about a regular oil change and how it should be done around 10k miles or every 12 months. Your tires need rotation and also a regular alignment that will keep your steering maintained. A Land Rover that has a lot of miles will need more maintenance to keep up with your adventures. Our techs at Jim’s German Auto are more than ready to service your Land Rover and exceed your expectations. Please bring it by or call us to schedule an appointment at your convenience.

Land Rover Repair Near Me

All of our technicians are ASE Certified and we have been providing Land Rover repairs and maintenance since 1978. We want you to be confident in bringing your vehicle to Jim’s German Auto in Corona, CA. We offer free estimates & repair warranties. Call us for more information.

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