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audi coronaWe know how much Audi owners love their European high-performance cars. We also know one of the most important things to you is making sure that your Audi runs smoothly, just like when you just bought it. This is why it is important to maintain your Audi. Jim’s German Auto knows exactly what it takes to keep your Audi in tip-top shape!

Audi Service & Maintenance Corona CA

The maintenance of your Audi through the manufacturer’s recommendations will be outlined in the owner’s manual. It is key to keep your Audi running like a finely-tuned European machine. Check out our list of recommendations:

  • Oil Change: with the correct oil
  • Filter Change: Air, Fuel & Cabin
  • Brakes Serviced: Flushed and Filled
  • Coolant Serviced: Flushed and Filled
  • Transmission Service
  • Tire Rotation with Every Oil Change
  • Timing Belt Serviced

Don’t worry or feel overwhelmed, we at Jim’s German Auto, in Corona, CA, know what it takes to stay on top of these services. 

Audi Repair Corona CA

Even high-performance machines like Audi vehicles will eventually have problems and break down, and then Audi drivers face a tough choice. Do you bring your vehicle back to the dealership, where repairs will most certainly cost a fortune? Or do you swing by any auto repair shop that happens to be on your drive home, hoping they have someone on staff who is qualified to work on your Audi? The right answer is neither. If you are in Corona, CA, and your Audi is in need of repair, it only makes sense to trust those repairs to the experienced, professional technicians at Jim’s German Auto. No matter what the issue is with your Audi, we can get you in, get you fixed up, and back out on the road enjoying your amazing German automobile. When your Audi needs repair, the name you know you can trust is Jim’s German Auto.

Audi Service & Repair Near Me

When your Audi needs service or repair, the only auto shop in Corona, CA you should trust is Jim’s German Auto. Our team of German auto repair experts use only OEM parts, and we walk you through every step of the service or repair your Audi needs. And once you bring your Audi in for service with us, it will become immediately clear that Jim’s German Auto in Corona, CA, is the only German auto repair shop in town suited to meet your needs. Come on in and let us make you a customer for life!

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