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At Jim’s German Auto, we go out of our way for our customers, creating more than repairs and service encounters - we create enduring relationships.  It's no wonder our customers stay loyal to us.


Our commitment to exceptional service and outstanding work also means that when we make a mistake we own up to it and fix it to the best of our ability.  Not every transaction will go perfect, but we believe that if we respect our customers, attempt to see things from their perspective and act with openness and transparency, we'll earn their confidence and trust.


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“German Auto is a fantastic place to go to fix BMWs. Generally I don't let any shop touch my cars since I don't trust them and could do a better job myself but when in need, I bring them here.”

"Very friendly and professional staff, I always take my BMW e46 325i here when there's trouble because of the reasonable prices and German specialty service. They always complete whatever tasks I need in a timely manner and I'm always more than satisfied working with them. Thank you German Auto!"

"I have also been in the need to replace the entire clutch kit and a flywheel for my e39 M5. I mistakenly took it to another place back in February to get it checked out where they charged me a ridiculous amount for an inspection that told me my car was "fine" when I knew it needed a new rod bearing. Long story short, my rod bearing went out and called up German Auto for a quote. They got back to me promptly and quoted me a fair price for the job. I'll be bringing in the car next week and updating the review for an update regarding the repair.”

"Jim's German Auto Service is wonderful! I've been going there for almost ten years. I take three different cars to them currently, and I do everything from major work to oil changes and tune ups. They're the best around, you're not going to find better. The pricing is very fair, they don't do work that's not needed on your car, they're a very honest shop. Everyone there is very polite and professional, and they're in constant contact, always keeping me updated on what's going on with my cars. They always stick to their quotes, too. I would highly recommend them to everyone.”

"They repaired my radiator. Afterward, they even threw in a car wash. My car definitely feels brand-new! Thanks so much."

"Yet another good experience with Jim's German Auto. We took my wife's Lexus and they analyzed the problem, told us what we involved and then took care of it. I realize that some people can't handle the truth. Jim is a straight forward guy (No B.S.) and I like that about his shop."

"Jim and his team are friendly and very helpful. We are driving on a long road trip and had some issues. We called multiple places and no one could help today, but Jim said come on over and we can take a look. They identified the problem and gave us options that would make it safe to continue on our road trip without waiting several days. Thank you Jim!"

"I've been a customer there for over 30 years and I know him personally. I trust him to work on the vehicles I have!"

"Best repair service I have ever used. I have been a customer for five or six years and I wouldn't go anywhere else. The technicians do a very good job and the company is very honest. I have never had any problems and they are the best. I recommend Jim's German Auto Service for incredible service at a very reasonable price."

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"Jim's German Auto has been really good. I have been dealing with Jim for 20 years. I do referrals from my shop to his and he works with my personal vehicles as well. Top notch professional service."

Yenri P.



"Jim's German Auto has been in Corona for, well, almost as long as I have. That's a long time. Jim does do more than just German cars; on his card he lists Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, Porsche, Volvo, BMW. Shuttle service is available, too. You will pay a little more going to Jim's, but you won't get ripped off. In fact, Jim's sometimes goes a little farther than needed with the repairs just to make sure everything is working right, at no extra cost. "

Mina J.



"I will only take my Volvo to Jim. I have been using them for over 10 years. They have saved me and my friends a lot of money and problems. What I don't get is do you want a great mechanic or a bad mechanic with good customer service skills? He has found me hard to find parts at a fraction of what they normally cost. He has also done some of the best work on Ford pickup. If you expect Jlube cost, expect Jlube results. Would you do that to your own Family?"

Leslie S.



"The staff is friendly and honest. I have taken my wife's S550 here a few times for oil changes and minor repairs. Not once have they tried to push other repairs or ad on parts to me. They have made me a long term customer. I will be back."

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My Audi practically broke down on the way to work, found them on yelp and called to see if they could find out what the problem was. Being a national holiday I was nervous about getting my car back that day. Took it in, 2 hrs later they called with the issue and the price to correct it. It seemed alot cheaper than the dealer so I gave them the green light. Another 2 hours later my car was ready!!! It's been about 2 weeks and my car is at full speed again and no problems . I'd recommend this place to friends and family and they will definitely be getting my business from now on.

Dulci K.