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Auto Maintenance

European Auto Maintenance

Every car is different. Manufacturers have different maintenance schedules, and they aren’t always followed. Whether you’re by the book or make your own schedule, maintenance services will help keep your vehicle in peak condition. Our factory trained technicians are experienced working with BMW, Mercedes, Audi, VW, Volvo, Porsche, Mini Cooper and other selected European & Japanese luxury makers.  We know the different areas in vehicles that are most prone to failure and require extra attention. This is especially important for maintenance on higher mileage cars.


Auto maintenance can help improve or eliminate problems that include:

   •    Reduced fuel economy                             •    Reduced braking ability                              

   •    Poor engine acceleration                          •    Check engine lights.                                    

   •    Hard or hesitant shifting                           •    Reduced ability to steer

   •   Steering shimmy or vibration                    •   Engine overheating  

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Maintenance is only good if it catches and addresses problems before they become repairs. That’s why we perform thorough 40 point maintenance inspections. These catch problems in their infancy. We can even create a customized preventative maintenance plan for your specific vehicle and mileage. This makes it easier than ever to keep your car performing. In the event you need repairs, we provide those as well. With the highest quality replacement components installed by experienced technicians, you’ll be ready to go in no time.


Professional Auto Maintenance Services Include:

When you want reliable, affordable, and guaranteed German auto maintenance services,

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European Car Maintenance Keeps You Running Longer

Auto Maintenance

     •  Factory Scheduled 30/60/90K Maintenance

      •   Mercedes - Benz Service - A & Service - B

      •   BMW Inspection I & Inspection II

      •   Air Filter Replacements

      •   Fluid Exchanges

      •   Leak Evaluations

      •   Full Synthetic Oil Changes

      •   Check Engine Light Code Retrieval

      •   Coolant System Checks

      •   Radiator Flushes

      •   Transmission Fluid Flushes

      •   Full Safety Inspections

      •   Tune-ups and overhauls